selected writing

my work for Rough Cut and

Third Wave Nicolas Cage @ MIFF blog

‘On Top Of The World’ - Miranda Tapsell profile in The Big Issue #586

‘CHICK LIT’ -  play written for FRESH TAKE//isolation edition

‘Phryne Festival’ - Essie Davis profile in The Big Issue #606

The Last Good Moment On The Internet Was When Everyone Lost Their Minds About ‘The Dress’@ Junkee

‘The Hole Story’
- 2019 Booroondara Literary Awards first place + Keith Carroll Award
- Kieth E. Vineyard prize @ UCSB

The Swamp of Sadness - Why Were There A Bunch Of 2018 Movies About Dead Horses? @ 4:3

Short fiction published in Voiceworks #91, #108, and #110